In 2018, 132 hate incidents were recorded in the Basque Country, 130 of which were crimes (98.48%) and 2 administrative offences (1.52%). The racist or xenophobic incidents accounted for 47.64% (62 cases) of the crimes recorded, while the crimes related to sexual identity and orientation totalled 30% of the crimes (39 cases), a figure slightly up on 2017. In turn, the sphere of political orientation and ideology (17 cases), religious beliefs and practices (7 cases), functional diversity (3 cases) and aporophobia (2 cases), made up 22.31% of the crimes recorded, with those figures being practically identical to those for the previous year.

As regards the distribution of the 130 crimes by province, Bizkaia accounted for nearly two thirds of the crimes (n=83), while Gipuzkoa concentrated a quarter (n = 33) of the crimes and Araba less than a tenth (n=10). There were also the 4 shelved cases where the crime scene could not be identified.

With respect to the provincial distribution of the 62 racism/xenophobic crimes. In keeping with previous years, Bizkaia continued to be the scene, for the third year running, of the majority of cases, with 32 out of the 62 recorded (58.06%), while Gipuzkoa yet again saw an increase in the number recorded with 21 cases (33.87%). Araba, in turn, recorded 4 cases, half the number in 2017 (3.05%). As regards the remaining case, it is not known where it was committed.

As regards the crimes committed based on the sexual orientation and/or identity, Bizkaia continued to report nearly all the cases (n = 28; 71.79%), even though few cases were reported in 2018 than in the previous year. In Gipuzkoa, however, a larger number of cases were reported than in the previous year (n = 6; 15.38%). Araba, in turn, rose from 1 case in 2017 to 4 cases in 2018 (n = 4; 10.26%). In the same way as the previous collective, the location could not be pinpointed for one of the crimes. As regards the breakdown by collective, victimisation was divided relatively uniformly in the three main protected collectives of this category, namely, 8 crimes against lesbians, 9 crimes against transgender people, 12 crimes against gay men and 10 undisclosed.

As regards the remaining collectives, the Ertzaintza recorded 17 cases impinging on political orientation and/or ideology: 2 in Araba, 12 in Bizkaia, 1 in Gipuzkoa and 2 not specified. With respect to religious beliefs and practices, the Ertzaintza noted 7 cases, 2 in Bizkaia and 5 in Gipuzkoa, 3 out of which were committed against Christians, 2 against Muslims and a further 2 who were not identified. Finally, 3 cases were recorded against people with functional diversity in Bizkaia and there were 2 cases of aporophobia also in Bizkaia.