The chair

Promoting the culture of Human Rights for the Basque society and its public authorities, from the perspective of the International Law of Human Rights
The main goal of the Chair for Human Rights and Public Authorities is to promote the culture of Human Rights within Basque society in connection with the international community. It aims to complement and contribute to the action of public authorities, and prominently, the activity of the General Secretariat for Peace and Coexistence of the Basque Government.

The main objective is to institutionalize a "liaison agent" acting in three different levels:
In the first place, an agent that will allow the outflow of expert knowledge from academia in order to empower social agents and civil society.
Secondly, it must contribute proactively to cover the institutional needs and demands of public authorities for the development of the official public agenda on Human Rights.
Thirdly, it is a liaison agent with the international mechanisms for the promotion, monitoring and protection of human rights.

The specific functions of the Chair can be summarised in three areas:
- Research and dissemination.
- Training and capacity building.
- Social and institutional counselling.
In order to develop these functions different actions will be undertaken, such as the elaboration of specialized publications; status reports about the situation of human rights; organising different discussion forums; and participating in international mechanisms for monitoring human rights or other international and/or academic networks on the subject.