Professor in Graphic Desing at the University of Basque Country

Leire Fernández Iñurritegui

PhD in Find Arts from the University of Basque Country with an Extraordinary Doctoral Award. Associate professor in Graphic Desing in the BA Creation and Design at University of Basque Country (Faculty of Fine Arts).

In collaboration with the associate professor Eduardo Herrera, Leire organizes and teaches several courses, workshops and seminars. Moreover, Leire has coordinated and directed the Graphic Design Workshop at the Summer Courses in San Sebastian from the University of Basque Country, the Conference in Graphic Design, the Calligraphy Seminars in Arantzazu and the course “Design to communicate” for the online plataform Domestika.

Both, Leire and Eduardo, co-direct the research group in graphic design and typography “Letraz” at University of Basque Country. The main focus of this group is on studying design as an emerging factor in our socio-cultural development, paying particular attention to the hetereogeneous-nature determinants that gather during the design process: social, cultural, economic, technical, aesthetic, educative, ecological and ethical determinants.

“Letraz” interests lay on the following lines of research: editorial design, corporate visual identity, poster design, typography, wayfinding, etc. The work carried out by “Letraz” has been widely acknowledged by national and international awards such as the International Award “Clap Platinum” in design, branding and communication for the best typeface design for books, the “Premio Juan de Yciar” for editorial quality and the “Letra de Plata” for visual communication and environment design.

Concerning publications, the following can be highlighted: «Diseño de cubiertas de libros. Recursos de retórica visual» (Editorial Síntesis), «Un proceso creativo en el diseño gráfico de carteles» (Servicio Editorial de la UPV/EHU) o «Historias que marcan. Origen y significado de 50 marcas gráficas» (Editorial GG).